The Berlin cult magazine 032C has managed to position its complementary clothing brand as one of the most powerful streetwear brands. Check out their catalog at CLAZZYSNEAKERS, one of the members of its selective list of retailers.

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032c. From magazine to global movement

From their headquarters in the converted Brutalist Church of Saint Inés, in Berlin, the marriage of Maria and Joerg Koch put their hands together to give life to 032C. It all started in 2001 as a pioneer magazine about contemporary culture, focused on art, fashion, politics and other topics of interest. In 032C there was something more than a means of disseminating trends: values, identity, principles and a spirit of youth resistance. 032C showed a certain anti-cultural point and a bold criticism of the fiercest capitalism. It was something new, something sharp and fresh. According to their slogan, “A manual for liberty, research and creativity.” 032C has played with the codes of late capitalism and streetwear, creating a cultural universe of its own that has undoubtedly worked for both avant-garde artists from Paris and groups of high school youth.


Artists and brands with worldwide reach

The magazine is published in digital and physical form twice a year. Artists such as Cali Thornhill DeWitt, 1017 ALYX 9SM or Gosha Rubinsky, Stüssy or Birkenstock, have already collaborated with them. Researching and exhibiting their creative freedom is their thing. The 032c fashion line has experimented with DIY kits or the bootleg, among other things, but its principles are always more than clear. One of them is to minimize the chain between them and the client, so that the retailers that sell the brand are few and are carefully selected. Fortunately, CLAZZYSNEAKERS is among them now. Obtain the latest from the brand in our 032c store.

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