Barbour International evokes the image of Steve McQueen on two wheels, takes you back in time to a motorcycle race in the 1970s, and invites you to step up your masculine elegance by bidding farewell to fast fashion and the uniformity of the fashion industry. Barbour International is different, rebellious, and unique, and in light of our shared values, we have selected the top-quality pieces from the brand to make them available to you.

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Barbour remains faithful to its fundamental values and philosophy, taking care of the traditions and magic of its family legacy. Thei brand's garments continue to be handmade in the Simonside factory, and its style boasts an inherent originality, with the value of craftsmanship, and the elegance of a timeless and classic design.


Barbour and motorcycling

The history of Barbour begins in 1894 in the coastal town of South Shields, in northern England, with the aim of protecting miners and fishermen from the cold and bad weather. It didn't take long before the brand introduced its first jacket for motorcyclists, a target audience that was growing in numbers and subjected at all times to inclement weather. In 1936 the one piece suit for A1 motorcyclists, the "International" was created, waxed and dark green, and later with the addition of the detail of the inclined pocket to store maps. From this year until 1977, all the British international motorcycle teams were devoted to the brand.


Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen traveled to London to buy a Barbour International jacket to wear it in a racing competition in Germany. Thus, soon thereafter, the Hollywood star became known as the poster boy for the brand's style, values, and passion for motorcycling. The connection between Steve McQueen and Barbour is still seen today, with the redesign of commemorative pieces and a maximum loyalty for the legacy of that union in the Barbour International line.


Barbour vs Barbour International

The continuous demand for Barbour International products led Barbour to separate the two lines in order to strengthen its focus on motorcycling. Barbour then ended up focusing more on a lifestyle of nature, with a functional glamour and a style that evokes British landscapes. Barbour International has strengthened its association with motorcycling, with collections that pay tribute to Steve McQueen and a look faithful to motorcycling of the 1970s. Its garments demonstrate the brand's more than 75 years of tradition and invite you to live a rebellious lifestyle, authentic, and with masculine elegance.


The secret for your Barbour to last a lifetime

For many, the Barbour jacket is the best waxed cotton garment in the world. Having a Barbour means being part of a culture, an inheritance, and an identity, designed to last a lifetime and to pass from parents to children. To do this, Barbour waxed jackets need periodic re-waterproofing in order to remain elastic and resistant to bad weather. The process can be done with an external service or you can choose to do it yourself at home with a sponge, water, a dryer, and a tin of Barbour Wax Thornproof Dressing. Remember that waxed cotton garments cannot be washed in the conventional way. To clean your Barbour, remove dirt with a brush and cold water, without using detergents, soaps, or hot water.

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