The Parisian brand Casablanca defines the new masculinity, with fabrics of the highest quality and unique prints. His pieces evoke tropical landscapes, luxury and paradisiacal travels. With an inimitable imagination, the creation of Charaf Tajer has already managed to position itself as one of the brands with the most international projection.

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The imagination of Charaf Tajer

Charaf Tajer, founder of Casablanca, proposes a careful and polished vision of après-sport fashion. His inspirations lie in his memories of Moroccan landscapes and culture, as well as in his experiences during his education in Paris. It is in the French capital where the pieces are designed, which are later manufactured in Casablanca. The collections are a mixture of dreamlike spaces, nostalgia and luxury , sources that mark the identity of the brand. Charaf Tajer also participated in the emergence of the French brand Pigalle , which only reaffirms the artistic qualities and the peculiar perspective of the creative.


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At CLAZZYSNEAKERS we have become one of the few Spanish-based retailers that offers Casablanca fashion online and in store, putting at your disposal one of the best brands that have emerged in recent years. Join the Casablanca phenomenon and get one of its unique pieces, from Casablanca silk scarves and shirts to tailored trousers or technical garments.

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