Chinatown Market

Chinatown Market is a LA-based, but New York-inspired streetwear brand that is focused on positivity and being different in the creation of its clothing designs. There has been a lot of hype around the brand due to its ability to connect with its audience and create a community that is all centered on being part of the brand.

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Chinatown Market is a streetwear brand founded in New York CIty by Michael Cherman. Its clothing breathes positivity and is a clear expression of the soul of Canal Street, the heart of Chinatown, with influences of neighboring Soho. It's a reflection of the designer's roots. Undoubtedly, Canal Street is one of the streets with the greatest impact on New York City fashion and trends. Chinatown Market’s rebellious and groundbreaking spirit seeks to make a lasting impact and connect with its community.



At not even 30 years old, Mike Cherman already has had an extensive and successful career in the fashion industry. His beginnings were simple, just like those of any other kid looking to earn some extra money in high school, so he did what he liked best: he created T-shirts. He was self-taught and hand made everything. A few years later he looked into entering the world of fashion professionally by knocking on the door of Jeff Staple, the creator of the streetwear brand that bears his last name. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, but that setback helped Cherman focus even more. He soon created ICNY, an urban and functional tech-fashion brand, which he no longer runs, however it still has a lot of his personal imprint. Then, he created Chinatown Market, a streetwear fashion brand that stands out in the market for the originality and positivity of its designs. He and his team are young dreamers who seek to have fun and express themselves through the garments they create.



Chinatown Market offers quality products that convey a positive and cheerful message dominated by its iconic "smiley" and messages that carry a lot of weight. Its sweatshirts, jackets, and T-shirts have a casual, urban style and are must-haves for your wardrobe. At Clazzy Sneakers’s Chinatown Market store you can find all the essentials of this NYC-inspired streetwear brand.

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