Authentic shoemaker craftsmanship is named after Clarks. Founded in 1827 in the United Kingdom, the brand has positioned itself as a world leader in footwear, maintaining a love for tradition and progressively perfectionating its techniques and materials.

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The beginning of Clarks

It was the year 1825 and the Cyrus brothers and James Clark had the great idea. In the small town of Street (United Kingdom), the footwear brand that would become a global business known in more than 35 countries around the world was born. The brothers began making a sneaker from leftover cuts of sheepskin, a revolutionary idea at the time. Later new ideas arrived, such as the world’s first foot-shaped shoe.


Values and principles

Innovation and the constant search for a totally perfect result has been the great motivation for Clarks, which is why the brand has always been implementing new improvements, polished techniques, technologies and high-quality materials, thus adapting to the passage of time. Still, some things will stick forever. For example: the manufacturing process of each pair of Clarks begins with a hand-carved last from a single block of wood. So it has been and so it is. Those remote and rural origins remain discernible in the essence and principles of Clarks. His love for tradition and his values of integrity and respect have ensured that the image of the brand remains intact.


Desert Boot, Wallabee and other icons

Some of the Clarks models have completely defined a generation and have proven their functionality and aesthetic taste by surviving decade after decade without major design changes. The Clarks Desert Boot ,designed by Nathan Clark, remains intact since its introduction to the market in 1950. Other icons are Nature , Wallabee or Trigenic Flex . Discover now the Clarks store at CLAZZYSNEAKERS and choose your new pair for an entire lifetime.

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