Hélas is a trip to the golden years of skateboarding. The Parisian brand founded by Lucas Puig, Stephen Khou and Clément Brunel maintains an innovative and true-to-itself creative vision that focuses on messing up the rules and breaking conventionalism. Discover how far their imagination goes.

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The beginnings of Hélas

It started out as a small cap brand and ended up collaborating with adidas. Founded by skater Lucas Puig along withClement Brunel and Stephen Khu, Hélas is one of the lucky ones to enter skatedeluxe. It all started when three friends realized the shortage of five-panel caps, versus the classic six panel structure caps. So they decided to fill-in that gap.

The brand’s aesthetics get their inspiration from tennis, skateboarding and from the 80s and 90s. Clean cuts, simple patterns and a relaxed style are some of the qualities that its collections share, season after season. These are pieces that display a fun and juvenile touch, but at the same time boast of a mature and meticulous elaboration. Quality is always present.


The irony of an umbrella

The name of the brand, Hélas, which means ”unfortunately”, comes from the song 'Toucher l'horizon' by the artist Oxmo Puccino. The umbrella logo is a nod to the only accessory that you can wear above your head. Together, logo and naming make the perfect binomial for skaters, referring to the irony that, when it rains and you use an umbrella, unfortunately you can’t skate.

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