What began as a hobbyist fashion archive, has transformed into a publishing house with reserved space in Dover Street Market, also offering an original catalog of clothing and accessories. IDEA is a reference and inspiration for the most creative minds on the scene.

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The birth of IDEA

The marriage of Angela Hill and David Owen runs IDEA from the offices on Wardour street in the English capital. The evolution of the brand, which has become a symbol of London art, style, and creativity, responds to the good management process and the experience of both, husband and wife.

Before IDEA, Hill already had experiences in the fashion world. Besides having worked at Comme des Garçons and Browns, she had assisted different stylists in the 80s. She also tried her luck as a photographer and even founded a magazine. For his part, Owen was a journalist and was dedicated to editing magazines on graphic design, photography and publicity. The couple had always collected several copies of their favorite books. While each one was looking for the life as best as they could, they resold some copies between the two. For as long as they can remember, both fed their addiction to reading through the strangest copies about design. Although that, fortunately, is still valid.

Everything changed when, in 1999, Sarah Andelman of Colette offered them the opportunity to sell a few books in her store. Almost 10 years later, they began selling at Dover Street Market, expanding their business little by little. They needed a quick name so its creators did not hesitate twice and chose the acronym of their eldest daughter: Iris David Edith Angela. That is how IDEA is born.


Why buy IDEA accessories, t-shirts and books at CLAZZYSNEAKERS?

Five years after its birth, IDEA has already published books with Palace, Gucci and Vetements, among others. It has become a reference company for designers, stylists and photographers; but also architects, filmmakers, musicians, art directors and artists. Its clients are “confidential”, but its scope and influence are visible to all.From the iconic WINONA t-shirts(even Justin Beiber has one) to the tote bags with iconic messages, to the most original publications in the publishing world, the IDEA catalog is a whole alternative universe in the world of art and design. Discover the latest from IDEA at CLAZZYSNEAKERS.

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