Lacoste Live

Lacoste Live, Lacoste's newest line, renews the classics with a fresh and modern touch without giving up the brand's classic style. The new style statements offered by Lacoste Live play with colors, patterns and fabrics, adding a daring edge to simplicity and updating the basic everyday garments to add a twist to your wardrobe with the class and personality of the crocodile.

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Lacoste Live maintains Lacoste's regular fit styles, with simple elaborations, lines, and seams that create a different end result. Pops of color are used to spice up the old-school preppy style and create a final effect that is the perfect balance between timeless and modern day trendsand invites you to pair the garments with other styles for a totally dynamic look.


Lacoste Polo Shirt

What makes the Lacoste polo so different from the rest? The brand's most emblematic garment has become a worldwide iconic style. In addition to its important part as a symbol of tennis-inspired fashion and French sophistication, the Lacoste polo stands out for its careful manufacturing process and premium quality. From the first stitch to the final result, this garment goes through four phases.

First, the polo is woven with the most advanced 2500 needle sewing machines. Afterwards, it is dyed in the chosen color in a process that lasts approximately 9 hours. Thirdly, the crocodile logo is added from an embroidery requiring up to 1200 stitches. Finally, in the assembly phase, the polo is subjected to 25 different quality controls, to ensure that only the best end result reaches your hands.


Why buy Lacoste Live at CLAZZY SNEAKERS?

Conserving Lacoste's unsurpassed quality, the Lacoste Live line is a display of the brand's skills in innovation. At Clazzy Sneakers, we welcome the revolution and thus have chosen a careful selection of t-shirts, polo shirts, shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, and sweaters from Lacoste Live to offer you online so that you can experience the legacy of the crocodile in its freshest version.

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