The grunge codes and aesthetics of the 90s are printed on each Lifesux piece in its most refined and careful version. The firm elevates streetwear by betting on a tailor’s own tailoring, but without renouncing the casual and informal style typical of the most daring urban fashion.

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Fashion according to Lifesux

From a hooligan lettering or a tribal print, to a classic diamond pattern or tailored pants. Lifesux plays between two very different worlds until they are reconciled in a harmonious, suggestive and full of personality result. The 90’s served as the main source of inspiration for the brand’s designs, which configure an impeccable look where nods to punk, skateboarding and urban art star in each piece. Since its birth in 2016 in Italy, Lifesux has stood out with an aesthetic that stems from fashion, creativity, film and music that emerged from the deepest New York. Discover now the latest Lifesux collections at CLAZZYSNEAKERS!

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