M+RC Noir

Emerging from the outskirts of Paris, M+RC Noir, also known as Marché Noir, is an underground cult firm that is inspired by hip-hop culture and designs each piece with the principles of maximum discretion and quality. It's designed for urban people looking for premium sportswear.

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Antagonistic and underground codes

The strong identity of M+RC Noir lies in a combination of French luxury and urban street fashion, achieving an aesthetic style in which polished lines merge with cutting-edge and neo-punk designs. The brand was created as a men's clothing store that could only be accessed through knowing someone, immersing itself from the very first moment in the game of exclusivity. This striking beginning made various artists and members of creative communities start to wear T-shirts with its logo that the general public did not know of at first. Over time, MRC Noir has received the attention of elite US hip-hop celebrities such as Wiz Khalifa, Playboi Carti, Ian Connor, Young Thug, and Lil Yachty.


“In this fashion industry by accident”

The slogan "In this fashion industry by accident" in their Instagram bio makes it clear that M+RC Noir never intended to belong to the fashion industry sector, a principle that continues to mark the dynamics and way the company moves in the marketplace. Marché Noir is always on the sidelines of the powerhouses that reign in the textile universe and always indifferent to rubbing shoulders with the members of the fashion elite, developing in a different cultural terrain that sets its sights on streetwear, outside of the mainstream. M+RC Noir has its own rules and proclaims a total independence that is evident in each of their designs./p>



In our M+RC Noir online store you will find incredible pieces of M+RC Noir Paris put within your reach to immerse you in the depths of cult streetwear, bringing you the most hidden urban fashion applauded by the most advanced players in the field. From the emblematic M+RC Noir bag to premium apparel, it all can be yours now.

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