The North Face

The North Face has one goal: to maintain your protection, your comfort and your style even in the harshest conditions. Its high-performance pieces were born with mountain athletes in mind and ended up rising beyond the top, placing its flag on the streetwear scene.

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The coldest face

The brand most linked to the world of extreme mountaineering was born next to a California beach in 1964 by the hand of Douglas Tompkins and Dick Klopp, two friends who loved hiking. The name refers to the north face of the mountains, the coldest and most resistant to extreme climatological conditions. Two years after opening their store, the partners started making their own clothes. The brand, sponsor of memorable expeditions, became in the 80s the only one that offered a complete collection of high-performance mountain clothing and equipment. In the 90s, The North Face expanded its catalogue, offering sports and casual clothing pieces until becoming a must-have of today’s streetwear.


Cutting edge technology

There are many innovations and technologies that The North Face has provided over the last 50 years, always in search of functionality, comfort, durability and protection for mountain lovers. The brand can boast of being one of the first to incorporate Gore-TEX into its garments, achieving extremely waterproof pieces to be able to face the most hostile climates. Throughout its catalogue, we also find such popular technologies as Thermoball, Flashdry, Polartec, TKA or Fuseform. Breathability, heat preservation and versatility are always present inThe North Face clothing. The clearest demonstration of this is that The North Face jackets and coats have become one of the most common garments not only in the mountains and countryside, but also in the city.


The Gorpcore Master

Hiking codes began to conquer the urban landscape several years ago. Now, its consolidation is complete. Urban fashion has embraced the aesthetics of adventurers and mountain hikers and has taken it to the big cities with a new name; gorpcore.

From the most important fashion catwalks in the world, to the streetwear of our neighborhood. Gorpcore has expanded its wings to become an omnipresent trend that has conquered different communities, countries and styles. The imaginary of mountaineering, hiking and climbing is reinterpreted by the hand of urban and high-fashion brands, becoming a source of infinite inspiration that has given altitude to premium pieces of pure luxury and combat garments for the toughest wear plans

And in this new phenomenon, the throne couldn’t be for other than The North Face. The brand has managed to implement its best-equipped garments on a daily basis, raising them to a new status. The classic padded coat, sweatshirts, fleeces or accessories with a display of functional details. All the characteristic proposals of The North Face have surpassed the limits of the mountain to conquer the streets.

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