Tommy Jeans

Tommy Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger's denim collection, reinterprets classic clothing and accessories from the 90s with a fresh, modern, and youthful twist. Its style reinforces the brand's "Classic American Cool" philosophy, recovering iconic pieces from its past and reinterpreting preppy styles of decades ago.

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Tommy Jeans vs Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Jeans, formerly called Hilfiger Denim, turns to the Tommy Hilfiger archives to rescue the pop culture iconic looks that turned the brand into what it is today. The line combines retro style and functional designs, aiming for comfort so you feel totally free. Its innovative four-way stretch denim fabric is ready to adapt to all your everyday movements.

In Tommy Jeans designs we find old school nostalgia, university style, and pure American taste. The line refreshes old designs by Tommy Hilfiger, enhancing the vintage essence and maintaining the premium quality and manufacturing and adding today's best technological advances, paying great attention and care to the details and investing in first class extra soft fabrics. Tommy Jeans radiates the heritage spirit of Hilfiger, and its garments evoke unforgettable moments of its history: 90s hip-hop and pop superstars, Kate Moss, Coca-Cola and 90s originality.


Why buy Tommy Jeans at CLAZZY SNEAKERS?

Refresh your look with the most authentic 90s style. At the Tommy Jeans store at Clazzy Sneakers you'll find the ideal t-shirt, sweatshirt, or coat to wrap yourself in the brand's vintage style and step heavily into the streetwear scene.

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