From the streets of Varsovia to the rest of the world, MISBHV has become one of the most acclaimed contemporary brands in luxury streetwear. Avant-garde, haute couture and clubbing merge in an underground imaginary led by Natalia Maczek and Thomas Wirski.

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The Imaginary Clubbing

The duo formed by Maczek and Wirski set up the club atmosphere as a catalyst for a cultural current of pure disruption. The MISBHV signature sophisticated the aesthetics of raves and nightclubs without giving up its rebellious and anti-system spirit. In fact, it’s that post-punk essence that has fallen in love with the New York catwalks and the wardrobes of figures such as A$AP Rocky, Sita Abellán or Rihanna. Its characteristic rejection of the establishment and some strong post-Soviet roots stay evident in a signature that serves as a declaration of principles for the designer duo.


How was MISBHV born?

MISBHV was born at the hands of Natalia Maczek in 2015 as a small project for a close circle. Maczek wanted to make fake signature t-shirts for her and her friends to use in clubs. Alongside Thomas Wirski, the first MISBHV showroom was born at Paris Fashion week. It was the perfect showcase for the firm. One of its first clients was British luxury retailer Browns, who contacted the two partners to sell his collection at their London boutique.

A year later, MISBHV made its first presentation at the New York Fashion Week. But the defining moment was when Rihanna appeared with a black jacket of the brand, consolidating the status of the brand and making it clear that a new player had been born from the counterculture.



The garments from Maczeck and Wirski boast a very careful manufacturing technique. The brand only uses fabrics from premium European suppliers, such as Portuguese wool or Italian leather. The raw material is sent to Poland, the headquarters of MISBHV, where the garments are tailored until obtaining the final result.

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