The CLAZZYSNEAKERS account verification is a new system with which we want to benefit our community and prevent access to bots. This system identifies real accounts, granting them priority access to exclusive launches

How can I acquire a verified account?

First of all, you need to have a customer account at When we open the account verification period, you will receive an invitation to become a Verified User, provided that you have made legitimate use of your account. This invitation will guide you through the steps to verify your account and obtain access total launches.

When do you open the account verification period?

The account verification period opens intermittently and without fixed periodicity. We will notify in advance by email those who have a customer account.

I am already a CLAZZYSNEAKERS user. Why do I have to verify my account?

The account verification system aims to achieve greater transparency in access to the most exclusive and in-demand launches. The implementation of this process seeks to improve the experience of our real users.

Why has my account been banned?

We apply certain control rules that affect not only the current activity of your account, but also the use that you have made of it for some time.Therefore, your account can be blocked on a day when you have not carried out any activity with it, as long as some illegitimate use is detected through a retroactive analysis. If in a new analysis we consider that your banned account doesn’t comply with the rules, it will be reactivated immediately. We apologize for any inconvenience caused if your account has been temporarily banned by mistake.

How can I unban my account?

If you consider that your account has been banned by mistake, please contact Our agents will review your case individually and give you a solution as soon as possible, either positive or negative.

Is it allowed to sell my CLAZZYSNEAKERS account?

No. This act would imply the suspension of the account.

How many pairs can I buy per launch?

In launches accessible exclusively to verified users, only 1 pair per person is allowed to be purchased.

Can I change the verified shipping address?

The shipping address can only be modified 1 time every 3 months.

What if I live in a shared apartment or student residence where we share the same connection?

We only allow a maximum of 2 accounts per address. In case of detecting more than 2, all will be blocked automatically, including those of the same address with slight modifications.

Can I make a purchase if I am traveling in a different country?

No. It is only allowed to make the purchase from the country where the account is validated.

What control measures are carried out?

We cannot make our control measures public, since in that case, the people who program bots would push their strategies to the limit so as not to be detected. Because we keep this information private, every day we detect and filter new ways to try to bypass our control measures.

Sorry for the inconveniences

We know that these limitations can be problematic for legitimate purchases. We go to enormous lengths to implement a unique cybersecurity system in order to be as fair as possible, blocking resellers and users who try to automate their purchases to be faster than the rest.

We do this for you, so you can purchase your sneakers at the initial sale price.

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